We manufacture the following products:


Name Normative document
Pouch paper of the following brands: M-70, 78 A; M-70, 78 Б GOST 2228-81
Wrapping paper of the following brands: А, Ж GOST 8273-75
Wrapping paper TU 5435-034-66536630-2015
Composition paper TU 5434-033-66536630-2014
Saturated pouch paper of the following brands: Б-70; Б-7 GOST 2228-81
Crepe antirust packing paper of the УНИК-22-80 brand TU 5453-003-05773103-2005
Crepe paper TU 5434-022-00280442-2008

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Paper bags:

Name Normative document
Paper and composite bags GOST 2226-2013
Paper bags TU 5472-026-66536630-2014

The color printing can be applied onto the surface of the bags if requested by the customer.

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Name Normative document
Water-resistant panel board of the ВО-1 brand GOST 6659-83
Binder board (100% repulped stock) TU 5442-024-66536630-2014
Electrical insulating board (70% repulped stock – 30% cellulose) TU 5443-025-49559948-2015
Standardized paperboard (100% repulped stock) TU 5443-026-49559948-2015

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Corrugated fiberboard layers:

Name Normative document
Corrugation paper of the Б-2 brand GOST R 53206-2008

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Sulfate soap:

Name Normative document
Crude sulfate soap of the С brand TU 2453-001-66536630-2015


Tall oil:

Name Normative document
Crude tall oul of the СТМ brand TU 2453-002-66536630-2015

Crepe tape:

Name Normative document
Crepe tape TU 5434-022-00280442-2008


Name Normative document
Paper twine TU 13-0248643-779-89